Rye IPA - 473mL


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ABV 5.9% | IBU 36 | SRM 8

Made with 40% rye malt, this IPA adds the spicy zing of rye to its west coast hop presence comfortably balanced with an east coast IPA softness and drinkability. It pours an opaque/unfiltered pale gold, with a frothy off-white head. Dry hopped generously with Idaho 7, on the nose you’ll find grapefruit, orange and resinous pine with a nice hint of spice and bready malts. The palate brings forward a rye spiciness that doesn't add harshness, but rather a touch of bready grains with a hop presence that builds with each sip. It’s medium bodied, with a pleasant mouth puckering bitterness, smooth texture and low carbonation. Finishing with a pleasant citrus hop zip. This beauty pairs great with smoked salmon, spicy dishes and the long wait for spring.