Grisette - 473mL


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ABV 3.9% | IBU 20 | SRM 2

Grisette is a refreshing, low alcohol beer originating from Belgium. Our version pours a pleasant light straw with noticeable wheat malt haze topped off with a fluffy white head. On the nose you'll find fresh lemon zest and citrus aromas, supported by doughy wheat and earthly touches in the background. The taste follows suit with lemon zest and citrus rind, complemented by hints of pepper spice and tart fruits from the yeast. As per its Belgian roots, it finishes dry with a little bitterness that builds as you drink. Light in body, refreshing, with moderate carbonation and a dry quick finish. This beer can be enjoyed year round, but is perfectly suited to patios and warmer days. It's a great food pairing beer and the perfect compliment to any charcuterie board.